Sprudge Design Awards: Outstanding Packaging, Seasonal Or Limited Edition Finalists | Sprudge Coffee

Here are the finalists for the Sprudge Design Awards Outstanding Packaging, Seasonal or Limited Edition category. This award honors outstanding design for any seasonal or limited edition product, including holiday blends, limited edition seasonal offerings, or other featured small production designs.

Outstanding Packaging — Seasonal or Limited Edition Design Semi-Finalist Paper Bags

Sprudge Design Awards: Outstanding Packaging, Seasonal Or Limited Edition Finalists | Sprudge Coffee

In April 2023, I was contracted by Vancouver, Washington based coffee roaster, KafieX, to build a one-of-a-kind coffee tasting experience to place in the hands of the team responsible for serving coffee at SpaceX headquarters. KafieX is owned by Seidy Selivanow (2023 U.S. Barista Championship semifinalist) and Matthew Selivanow (2023 U.S. Roasting Competition finalist). This power-duo have also collected innumerable Vancouver Cold Brew Competition, Golden Bean, and roasting awards while maintaining two high-volume cafes in Vancouver. Seidy and Matthew offered me the opportunity to exercise full creative freedom in designing a memorable and display box for the delivery of this special flight of unique, renowned, and hard-to-find coffees served in KafieX cafes. To showcase these special coffees, I illustrated a “Constellation of Flavors” with each of 9 coffees representing a planet in our solar system, encircling the centerpoint “sun” which contained an award-winning Cup of Excellence Mexico #2. Space age cupping bowls by Barista Hustle were included in this limited-edition, fully-recyclable package, along with a matte black Hario cupping spoon for the recipients to use in tasting. Each coffee was packed in a compostable pouch with a label matching its corresponding planet.

Designer: Liz Chai URL:

Outstanding Packaging — Seasonal or Limited Edition Design Finalist

Onyx Coffee Lab presents the 2023 Coffee Advent Calendar – an annual experience cherished by thousands of specialty coffee lovers worldwide. Featuring 24 days of coffee, this collection explores origins, varieties, and processing methods, revealing the rich tapestry of coffee flavors. This limited edition collection is designed for the coffee curious, the connoisseurs, and anyone in between seeking a truly unique coffee experience.

This year’s packaging is elegant and designed to make an impression. Gold foil treatments are applied to beautiful seasonal illustrations on each side of the box’s exterior, and when the box opens, an accordion style collection box of 24 individually wrapped bags of coffee is revealed. Each coffee is marked from Day 1 to Day 24, and an beautifully designed information card is included to provide details about each coffee.


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Outstanding Packaging — Seasonal or Limited Edition Design Finalist

Solberg & Hansen – Norways oldest and largest speciality coffee Roaster.

Since 1879 we have travelled the world in search of the best coffees. Every coffee bean tells its own story. About the families who cultivate them, the geography and contry where they originate, how they are hand-picked and dried, and how they are processed, roasted and brewed by passionate professionals who are striving for the best quality and taste. But how do we communicate this to Norwegians who may never have bought or tastet speciality coffee before?

The Marketing team has created a uniqe range of seasonal coffees to match Norways distinct seasons and aim to make the high quality coffees available for everyone in Norway to taste and learn. The design reflects Norway, from north to south, from west to east. From cold winter mornings to warm summer nights. Result: We reach a much wider target group with these recognizable coffee bags and in that way introduce specialty coffees to them who maybe never would consider buying. Every season launched, sales increase considerably and enable us to continue our work with farmers across the world and search for the best coffees.


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Outstanding Packaging — Seasonal or Limited Edition Design Finalist

An Advent Calendar is an idea deeply rooted in German tradition, where it first started, that has slowly begun to spread to the whole world. The Coffee Advent Calendar from 19grams has been trying – since its first edition 9 years ago – to approach coffee lovers that might not be familiar with Specialty Coffee, but love a unique advent calendar.

The 19grams Coffee Advent Calendar is a seasonal Gift Box that brings together 24 different coffees from 24 different coffee growing regions. Each of them is unique and carefully selected and sourced by our roasting team. In order to keep the beans fresh, we use tins that use a screw-on lid with an extra sealer in the lid. This ensures the container remains airtight.

The Box has to fulfill several needs regarding the user’s experience and is designed to bring online and offline together: Within the box we provide as much info about Origin, Farm, and Processing, as possible – limited only by physical space of the box – for each individual coffee. The in-box brewing examples are also a great reference to help get coffee newbies started.

By using QR Codes on the packaging we try to bridge the gap between offline product and the online world on, where we provide the customer with a tailored landing page for each coffee. This page contains images of the farm and more coffee information such as harvest dates, and information about the farmers, and farm products. In this way, we aim to bridge the gap between coffee connoisseurs and those who still want to become one. We know that coffee can sometimes be a slog to get into. With our design we have kept an eye on customers who are new to coffee and need more info and support in their journey of understanding specialty coffee. The combination of the online and offline worlds gives us the opportunity to support our customers as best possible, regardless of their level of coffee expertise.

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Outstanding Packaging — Seasonal or Limited Edition Design Semi-Finalist

The Village has always celebrated differences and the creative spirit. It’s where we started, at the corner of Waverly and Gay. And the ideas and ideals of this vibrant neighborhood will always be at the core of Joe Coffee, no matter where we open our doors. From the sun-dappled streets of Brooklyn Heights to the bustling halls of Grand Central Station, we are proud to be part of many unique communities. The 20th Anniversary Coffee, packaging, and merchandise celebrated the hard work and dedication to a craft we all love.


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Sprudge Design Awards: Outstanding Packaging, Seasonal Or Limited Edition Finalists | Sprudge Coffee

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