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Ribbons are one of the best materials that you can use to make decorations or for working on craft projects.  Ribbons can be used in a variety of ways for different occasions and purposes to really dress a project up. With Easter now fast approaching, here are some fantastic ribbon craft ideas for Easter to help you make your own decorations that will look great. These ribbon decoration ideas come in handy for making your home feel festive if you plan to have guests over for Sunday celebrations. Embellishment Ribbon

7 Cute Easter Ribbon Crafts - Family Focus Blog

There are two main styles of ribbon – woven and non-woven. Woven ribbon is the more flexible type of ribbon out of the two and is great for home decorations and ribbon crafts. There are many types of ribbons for crafts to choose from:

As you can see, there are many choices of ribbons for craft supplies. Furthermore, most of these styles of ribbons for craft will come in solid colors and in patterns. Depending on what you intend on decorating or making this will perhaps determine the perfect ribbon type for the project.

Below are a few ribbon craft ideas for Easter that are not too difficult and that result in great homemade Easter decorations. You can use solid colorful ribbons or ribbons with cute Easter patterns. From wall decorations to a ribbon wreath, there are so many fun DIY ribbons crafts you can make. Here is my affiliate Amazon link to super cute Easter ribbon in case you are looking for some. Otherwise, you can find an assortment of ribbons at craft stores such as Michaels.

This is a super easy ribbon craft and it is so fun for kids to play with year round. Pick out some festive, quality ribbons and make a DIY ribbon wand. The best way to do this is to start with a thin wooden rod or stick and some ribbon scraps of various lengths. Follow my pin below for her full tutorial.

Ribbons can be used to brighten up bland picture frames by gluing a few ribbons on either side of the frame in order to cover it completely. Ribbons with bunny rabbits or eggs would be perfect for that Easter look. You can also use ribbons to hang decoupage Easter eggs for the frame focal point. Be creative or get the tutorial for the one you see below at the My Surburban Kitchen blog. This can be used as wall art or as a door hanging.

Using ribbons, miniature Easter eggs and string, you can create a small Easter Bunny Tree by decorating a small plant (one that is dying/dead – take the leaves off of the plant). Tie the pink ribbons around the branches and hang the miniature eggs from the branches. You also may want to make a small base for the tree or just leave in a plant pot and decorate the plant pot with ribbon. This is a great look and will last for a long time, perhaps even for a few years. Visit the link above for full details.

Create an Easter candle by using a glass candle holder and gluing a beautiful ribbon around the candle holder. Use a white ribbon or a pattern with rabbits or eggs on it for the Easter look. Visit the link above for full ribbon craft details.

Decorate an Easter basket with ribbon. Once you have the basket looking as you want it with Easter eggs, straw/wool and so on, you can then decorate the basket and contents with colorful ribbon. You can go simple with a beautiful homemade ribbon bow hair clip. Or you can wrap ribbon around the handle or weave it into the basket itself!

Looking for kitchen cupboard decorating ideas? This clever ribbon craft uses a wide ribbon to wrap the kitchen cabinet with a Felt Easter cross for cabinet decoration. Get the full tutorial over at B4 and Afters.

This ribbon wreath uses a lot of ribbon to cover the foam wreath form and create the basis for the Easter decorations. Book And Giggles provides the full tutorial for this super cute ribbon craft which invokes the spirit of the Easter bunny.

Pick your favorite ribbon craft ideas for Easter and enjoy making them with your family. There are so many great ribbon craft ideas for Easter. You can customize these DIY projects with several different colors and types of ribbons to choose from. How will you decorate items with ribbon this Easter? What are your favorite ribbon craft ideas?

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Love the Easter candle idea. These ribbon decoration ideas are so cute!

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7 Cute Easter Ribbon Crafts - Family Focus Blog

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