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At CEVA we have organized our business to meet the specific challenges of different industry sectors. Our specialist teams apply their genuine expertise in your market to provide the most appropriate solutions for your business.

In an ever-changing and complex market, supply chain resilience and efficiency are critical. Transport capacity disruptions, rising costs, evolving regulations, data and connectivity challenges as well as the need to reduce emissions have a major impact on road and rail transportation. Choosing a road and rail transportation expert to build and operate efficient and responsive transportation solutions enhances your supply-chain resilience, elevates your customer experience and gives you a competitive advantage. At CEVA Logistics, we deliver standard or tailor-made ground transportation solutions that meet your reliability, speed, CO₂ reduction, visibility and cost requirements. We ensure reliable, responsive and low-carbon transport operations by implementing solutions that optimize transport capacities utilization and increase visibility. International Air Cargo Carriers

Ground & Rail freight | CEVA Logistics

We provide a large range of transportation solutions for B2B and B2C flows to allow you to route all your components and goods to their final destination. Our offer covers road transportation as well as multimodal journeys integrating rail and barge transportation. Whether transporting goods or materials, pharmaceuticals, dangerous goods, consumer goods, for plants ,pharmacies & hospitals, supermarkets, specialized stores or e-commerce channels, we have a variety of trucks, vehicles and transport methods adapted to each commodity or consignee and compliant with regulation standards (GDP, ADR...). With more than 22.5 Million of shipments of components and goods transported per year, we are recognized as a transportation partner of choice in Asia-Pacific, Middle-East & Africa, Europe, North & South America.

CEVA Ground and Rail Transport services rely on international and local expert teams, a collaborative IT system, consistent operational processes with high-quality standards adapted to regional specificities, a lean culture and an asset-right model.

Through our global network and expertise across all industries, we offer solutions that are covering both inbound and outbound flows, international or domestic transportation for all types of goods and special requirements. We propose also special capabilities for high value goods, heavy bulky, 2-wheeler, and Out-of-Gauge transportations.

Through our global and advanced Visibility solution (P44, to collect and aggregate data), our local device solutions (GPS, PDA, drive apps), via API and EDI TMS connections, we offer full traceability and holistic supply chain visibility to our customers. Our focus on innovation and operational excellence will guarantee a superior level of service and bring your supply chain to the edge of digitalization and sustainability.

For your shipments <2 Tons or 2 loading meters, we offer you a variety of services for B2B pallets distribution and B2C parcels distribution (<30 kg). For non-standard freight (B2B / B2C) our ground and rail freight experts develop tailor-made solutions. Pick-up and delivery are operated through our own extensive network of hubs and agencies (CEVA & Partners), allowing you to reduce the costs of your logistics via economies of scale.

For your domestic or international shipments >2 Tons, we provide you with Full Truck-Load (FTL) or Part-Load (LTL) solutions. When you need to cover long distances, serve congested areas, transport significant volumes of goods or raw materials, use heavy lift equipment, we can support you with low-carbon competitive rail and barge solutions.

When you need to secure capacities and assets for your transportation, we offer dedicated fleets and drivers. To enhance the resilience and the visibility of your supply chain we provide you with Control Tower services (under a 3PL or 4PL model) to orchestrate and control your transportation flows.

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Ground & Rail freight | CEVA Logistics

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