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Choosing a bathroom sink faucet used to be an afterthought. Somewhere towards the end of a bathroom remodel was a good time to pick out which faucet would work. With the wide variety of styles, types, colors and mounting options available, those days are over. The bathroom faucet has become a focal point of the room and is often the defining feature that the rest of the room is designed to complement. Faucet

Best Bathroom Sink Faucets Of January 2024 – Forbes Home

Choosing the right sink faucet is essential, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. A little information and understanding of what to look for can go a long way. We’ve compiled this list of the 10 best bathroom sink faucets and included information to help you make an educated decision.

We developed our list of the best bathroom sink faucets by first identifying competitors that met basic criteria. Then, the team reviewed 74 of the most widely available faucets from that list and scored them all based on over a dozen different attributes as well as conducted our own individual research. We further pared our list down to the top bathroom sink faucets. Our ratings take into account factors like average sale price, Amazon ratings, warranty, spray head specs, spot-resistant finish, pull-out or pull-down spout and the number of available finish options. All ratings are determined solely by our editorial team.

Why you can trust Forbes Home: The Forbes Home team is committed to bringing you independent, unbiased ratings and information. We use data and expert advice to inform all of our content. Plus, our advisory board of licensed professionals fact-checks and reviews our content for accuracy and relevancy.

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Pfister Jaida Single Control Bathroom Faucet

First on our list is the Pfister Jaida Single Control Bathroom Faucet. Rated 4.6 stars with Amazon customers, this waterfall-style faucet is moderately priced and comes with the high quality that Pfister consistently delivers.

The Jaida Single Control Faucet can be mounted in a single hole configuration or cover a four-inch, three-hole setup using the included deck plate. All five color choices come in a spot-resistant finish and a limited lifetime warranty covers the product.

Gerber (or Danze) Parma® Two Handle Widespread Lavatory Faucet

The contemporary design of the Gerber Parma Widespread Faucet is second on our list. Its nine-inch tall profile features a sleek look and easy-to-reach surfaces for keeping it clean. A metal touch-down drain assembly comes in the box.

The Parma Faucet is a three-hole mounted unit. The holes can be arranged to cover a spread of eight inches to 12 inches, giving you another installation choice that can’t be had with standard centerset faucet designs. It comes in three finish colors and is protected by Gerber’s lifetime warranty.

FORIOUS Black Bathroom Sink Faucet

Next on our list is the FORIOUS Black Bathroom Sink Faucet. We liked its budget pricing, waterfall style, single handle design and high, 4.5-star Amazon customer rating.

It can be easily installed in a single hole or three-hole, four-inch configuration with the deck plate provided but a spot-resistant black matte finish is your only color choice and a drain assembly isn’t included. A limited lifetime warranty comes with your purchase.

Moen Genta Chrome One-Handle Bathroom Faucet

Moen’s Genta Chrome One-Handle Bathroom Faucet is next, rating 4.6 stars with Amazon customers with its modern design and reasonable price for a faucet that includes a pop-up and lift rod drain assembly.

The Genta Chrome faucet is also available in three other spot-resistant finishes and has a generous spout reach of a little over 4.5 inches. It can be mounted as a one-hole faucet, or it can cover a three-hole setup with the included deck plate. It’s protected by a five-year warranty.

Delta Porter® Two Handle Centerset Bathroom Faucet

Next up is the Delta Porter Two Handle Centerset Bathroom Faucet. The four-inch version made our list with an Amazon rating of 4.8 stars. A widespread version is also available for six inches on-center, or greater, three-hole configurations.

The four-inch model has an integrated deck plate and can only be mounted in a three-hole setup. A pop-up drain and lift-rod drain assembly are included. The two-handle design offers an elegant look in any of its three available finish colors and Delta protects it with a lifetime warranty.

Delta Trinsic® Single Handle Vessel Bathroom Faucet

Our next installment from Delta takes the sixth spot. The Trinsic Single Handle Vessel Bathroom Faucet is designed with a sleek, modern look and a high arc that reaches over 14 inches for use with vessel sinks and enjoys a 4.8 customer rating at Amazon.

Five finish color choices are available and the faucet comes equipped with integrated PEX supply lines. A drain assembly must be purchased separately. It must be installed in a one-hole configuration and Delta’s limited lifetime warranty is included.

FORIOUS Two Handle High Arc Widespread Bathroom Sink Faucet

In our next spot is a second offering from FORIOUS. Their Two Handle High Arc Widespread Bathroom Sink Faucet features a modern, cylindrical design and rates 4.6 stars among Amazon consumers.

The two-handle design can be mounted in three-hole configurations ranging from six to 12 inches wide. Three color choices are available in this budget-friendly faucet design that includes a drain assembly and is protected by a limited lifetime warranty.

Delta Cassidy™ Single Handle Bathroom Faucet

Delta’s third showing on our list is their Cassidy Single Handle Bathroom Faucet. Amazon rates this moderately priced and elegantly designed faucet at 4.7 stars.

A metal pop-up drain with a lift rod is included and five color options are available. The traditional curves and lines of this faucet will be a focal point in most bathrooms, however, it’ll take some attention to keep it clean. Single-hole mounting is needed unless you purchase the matching deck plate for three-hole installation.

Pfister Brea 2-Handle 8″ Widespread Bathroom Faucet

Another Pfister, the Brea 2-Handle 8” Widespread Bathroom Faucet, is in our ninth spot. This low-to-moderately priced, waterfall-style faucet receives 4.4 stars from Amazon customers.

Gentle curves are a feature of this three-hole mounted faucet. It’s available in just two colors and can be deck or countertop mounted. The Brea Faucet features Pfister’s Push & Seal pop-up drain and is covered by their lifetime limited warranty.

Pfister Ashfield Single Control Vessel Bathroom Faucet

Next from Pfister is their Ashfield Single Control Vessel Bathroom Faucet. This unique design features a water-pump-inspired look with a waterfall spout and rates at 4.6 Amazon stars. It’s moderately priced for a vessel sink faucet.

Single-hole installation is required for this faucet that comes with four color choices. A drain stopper isn’t included but a drain grid assembly does come with the Ashfield Faucet. A lifetime warranty covers this item.

Whether you’re completely reinventing your bathroom or just updating its look may have an effect on which bathroom sink faucet you choose. A complete remodel allows you full control of what style of faucet to include. Updating your bath may require you to choose a faucet that matches some criteria.

Faucet manufacturers offer several styles requiring different installation methods. Single-hole, multiple-hole, widespread and wall-mounted faucets are all terms you’re likely to run into. During a full remodel of your bath, it’s best to determine which faucet you’re planning to install before ordering your countertop and sink.

If you’re reusing your countertop or sink, your faucet mounting choices will be limited to ones that fit the existing hole configurations or can hide them from view.

There are so many faucet styles available today that choosing one can be difficult. You can pare down your choices to a manageable amount by choosing what type of look you’re after.

Modern, traditional, single-lever, two-handle, waterfall, tall or short are just some of the options that you might face when choosing a style. Pick a style that you like and focus only on faucets in that category to help make a decision.

Once you’ve chosen a style that fits your desires, you’ll probably have to make a decision about which finish, or color, the faucet should be. You’ll enjoy free reign when choosing a color during a full remodel. If you’re just switching out your faucet, you may consider matching, or deliberately contrasting, the other metal finishes in the room.

For heavily used bathrooms, you may choose to focus your faucet decision on whether or not it’s easy to keep it clean. Spot-free finishes are available from many manufacturers to keep things simple.

Style can affect how easy or difficult cleaning it is as well. Smooth curves and simple lines are easier to clean and to keep clean than busy, traditional designs. Keep cleaning your faucet on your mind when making your choice if that’s an important factor.

While all faucets appear to work similarly, the valve types inside faucets vary significantly from model to model. Valves are areas inside faucets where hot and cold water are mixed, and the flow rate is regulated. The four main types include:

The valves of your faucet are one of the most critical parts and play a key role in how well they perform. 

Having so many faucet choices available can make it hard to make a decision about which one to buy. However, with so many options on the market, there are also numerous price points which means that no matter what style you decide on, you’ll likely find one with a price tag that fits your budget.

The next faucet you buy will require one, two or three holes in your wall or countertop. A single-hole faucet is one of the most popular types because it’s versatile, practical and easy to install. The one-handle faucet is optimal when you want to control temperature and volume simultaneously. Just turn the handle to change the water temperature, or lift or lower it to change pressure.

With two-handle faucets, you can control the water temperature and pressure to fit your needs. Offering a wider range of styles and sizes, choose from two-handle faucets with handles on the left or right sides of the spout.

The three-hole sink is trendy, as it’s simple, clean, and functional. It is often the most economical option for kitchen sinks because it can be found in sizes that cover a full range of needs. The holes are drilled into the countertop to accommodate a faucet with an escutcheon plate or deck plate that covers them up.

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Overall, bathroom sink faucets generally have either one or two handles. However, within those two categories, there are several choices regarding styles and operation.

The most common ways of controlling the flow of water in your faucet are produced in one of four ways.

Single-hole mounted faucets are just what they sound like. Generally, they are single-lever faucets that are mounted through the countertop or the sink deck using only one hole. They’re simple to install and are particularly popular for use with vessel sinks or for a modern look.

Any faucet that’s not a single-hole mounted faucet is a multiple-hole mounted faucet. Often, single-hole faucets are mounted in multiple hole configurations using a deck plate that covers the unneeded holes. Centerset faucets are a type of multiple-hole faucet.

Multiple-hole faucets come in many forms including one and two-handled faucets, deck-mounted or countertop mounted and two-hole or three-hole designs. The widths of the mounting locations can be a standard, four- or eight-inch spread to variable widths of up to 16 inches.

Wall-mounted faucets are faucets that mount to and protrude from the wall located at the sink. They can be single or double-handled faucets.

A vessel faucet is a term used to describe a faucet that’s compatible for use with sinks that are mounted on top of a countertop rather than within the top. They can be single or multiple-handled, single or multiple-hole mounted and are generally taller than standard bathroom faucets. Compare Best Wireless Home Security Systems Compare Best Bathroom Sink Faucets

To determine the best bathroom sink faucet ranking, the Forbes Home Improvement editorial team analyzed data on 74 products. Each product’s star rating is determined by evaluating a variety of metrics, including:

Each faucet was evaluated at multiple price points including on the product website, Amazon and other retailer websites.

Every product’s customer ratings were analyzed across a variety of platforms like Amazon, Google and retailer websites.

The warranty policy of each product was noted and evaluated. The longer and more flexible the warranty, the more points a faucet got.

Whether or not a faucet had a spray head function gained or lost it points to total 10% of the full ranking.

Whether or not a faucet could guarantee a spot-resistant finish gained or lost it points for 10% of the ranking.

The pull-out or pull-down feature was noted on any available faucet and gained it points for 10% of the ranking.

The more finish options a faucet had, the more points it gained for this tenth of the full bathroom sink faucet ranking.

Chrome is the most popular finish for bathroom faucets. Chrome faucets tend to be less expensive than similar faucets in different finishes. They’re also an easy match for commonly found chrome-finished bathroom accessories.

Four-inch centerset faucets are the most commonly installed bathroom faucets. Single-hole mounted faucets and wide-spread mounted faucets are rapidly gaining in popularity though. Vessel and wall-mounted faucets are popular installations in modern-trending bathrooms.

Centerset, widespread and mini-spread faucets come in various widths. To find the size of the faucet you need, measure from the center of one of the outside holes to the center of the other outside hole. This measurement is the size of your faucet.

Proper installation of a new faucet is essential for your bathroom. Ensure you carefully consult the instructions and have all the necessary tools before attempting the project. However, you can follow these basic steps to replace a bathroom faucet:

Leaky bathroom faucets can be tricky to fix. A leaking faucet can waste water and money—fast, so it’s important to know what to look for when you expect one. Once you understand where the leak is coming from, it’s essential to turn off the water supply and disassemble the faucet to identify the next steps needed.

A little soap, water and a damp washcloth are all that is needed to clean your bathroom faucets. Also, if hard sediments surround the faucet, try a little vinegar and a toothbrush to remove it.

Most bathroom faucets can generally last anywhere from 15 to 20 years.

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Best Bathroom Sink Faucets Of January 2024 – Forbes Home

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