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Go easy on your knees with a garden kneeling pad – New York Daily News

Best kneeling pads and benches for the garden

It takes a lot of time and energy to maintain a beautiful yard, and the work can take a toll on your body if you’re not careful. In particular, kneeling to dig holes and pull weeds can easily result in pain and discomfort. Kneeling pads absorb the wear and tear of gardening instead of inflicting it on your knees, and if your other joints need assistance, kneeling benches are also available. Make your gardening sessions comfortable and enjoyable with these knee-saving picks.

Knee pads aren’t just comfortable, they’ll help protect your joint health in the long run. Knee pads can help make your life easier in lots of ways:

Prevent knee pain: Particularly if you already suffer from joint pain, kneeling in the garden can hurt. A kneeling pad helps protect your kneecap and minimize pain, especially if you’re working in a gravelly or rocky area.

Prevent back pain: To avoid kneeling, gardeners may simply bend over to pull those weeds, but this can just exchange knee pain for back pain. Kneeling pads or benches allow for more mobility and less discomfort.

Minimize laundry: Gardening is inherently dirty, but a knee pad can help protect your clothes from getting frustrating ground-in stains. Kneeler benches are particularly good at keeping clothes clean since they keep your legs a couple of inches off the ground.

Versatile: Kneeling pads aren’t just for outdoors. Foam pads and knee pads can help make indoor chores, car maintenance and even bathtime for your children or pets more comfortable.

How to choose kneeling pads

The best garden kneeling pad for your yard depends on several factors, including the kind of yard work you’re doing and your mobility.

The most common type are ground pads. These simple yet helpful mats are made from thick foam and are easy to place and move around as you work in the yard. They often feature cut-out handles so they’re easy to pick up and reposition even if you’re wearing gardening gloves. Look for mats that are at least one inch thick for the most comfort.

Garden kneeling benches improve on kneeling pads by adding sturdy handles that help the user kneel and stand more easily. They can also be flipped over to act as a seat. Some fold up for easy storage, while others come with storage pockets for your tools.

If you don’t want to have to move another tool around the yard, or if you’re doing a particularly labor-intensive task such as spreading gravel or laying a path, you may prefer knee pads. Similar to the protective gear worn by skaters, hard-shell knee pads attach to the leg and feature comfortable cushioning along with a tough, plastic outer shell.

All kneeling pads should be stored safely out of the rain. Poor-quality foam can degrade if it’s exposed to too much moisture, while the metal components of kneeler benches are prone to rust. If you tend to leave tools outside on accident, consider choosing a kneeling pad in a bright color so it stands out more in your yard.

Made from extra-thick memory foam, this 2-inch kneeling pad makes a range of chores more comfortable thanks to a middle layer of shock-absorbing EVA foam. It’s water-resistant and folds up for easy storage.

Red Home Club Store Thick Kneeling Pad

This sturdy kneeling pad is made from durable, moisture-resistant high-density foam that’s 1.5 inches thick. It measures a roomy 18 by 11 inches. It comes in 10 colors and features a cut-out handle.

Affordable and lightweight, this durable kneeling pad features a waterproof coating to help it last longer — in fact, it comes with a lifetime warranty. Its EVA foam construction is resists water, scratches and tearing.

This budget-friendly pad comes in six color options and is made with 1.5-inch thick foam. The high-density foam is water-resistant and lightweight.

Ohuhu Garden Kneeler and Seat

This sturdy bench features two tool pouches with eight total pockets along with a 1-inch-thick EVA foam pad. The lightweight steel frame folds up easily and offers a weight capacity of 330 pounds.

With its easy-to-fold design, sturdy frame and three-pocket tool pouch, this kneeler bench is a multipurpose aide for comfortable gardening. It also comes with matching gardening gloves.

If you can’t decide between a kneeling pad or a bench, this bargain set lets you try out both. The knee pad has a cutout side handle and the bench can support up to 230 pounds. It also comes with a strap to convert the bench’s two pouches into a tool belt.

These sturdy yet breathable knee pads feature a gel core and supportive EVA foam padding along with a tough yet flexible plastic cap. Metal rivets anchor the adjustable elastic straps.

If you’re laying bricks or building a fire pit, these heavy-duty knee pads can help your joints feel better for longer. They feature a soft neoprene liner over foam padding and a gel core.

These knee pads fit snugly yet comfortably thanks to their anti-slip hook-and-loop strap system. High-density foam over a gel core keeps knees comfortable. The knee pads even come in four color choices.

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Go easy on your knees with a garden kneeling pad – New York Daily News

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