5 Ways To Give New Life To Your Outdated Banisters

It's common to have a staircase in the home that needs to be freshened up. Whether you just got your home or the stairs are the last of your renovation project, your staircase must reflect the rest of your décor. One common way to do a makeover is to redo the steps themselves. This can be done by removing old carpeting and updating the treads and risers. Another way to do this is by remodeling the other parts of the staircase, like the banisters.

Banisters are the handrails that people hold on to for support, while balusters, or spindles, are the pieces that hold up the railing and connect to the floor. These three terms are often mixed up, but it is generally accepted to refer to all the parts as "banisters" when they are together, per Differencely . Here are clever ways to give new life to your outdated banisters. In addition to improving the appearance, updating the banisters will upgrade your safety system because they'll be less likely to break. Wire Rope Railing

5 Ways To Give New Life To Your Outdated Banisters

Changing the spindles is a great way to update your staircase, especially when you don't have the budget to replace the entire railing system. You can take out the spindles and replace them with something more modern or fitting with your home's style. Chris Loves Julia spent around $1,600 to install and paint new, customized spindles with a glossy black finish, transforming their dated railing into a more elegant one.

Thinking about DIY? Replacing your balusters is undoubtedly a project that you can take on. Pine + Poplar has a detailed guide that explains how to saw off the current ones, drill new holes, and install your desired balusters. You can also change their look completely. Instead of keeping the vertical shape, try spindles that are horizontal or in other interesting designs. Another unique idea for the balusters is to take them all out and put glass in their place!

Perhaps you don't want to remove the spindles altogether. You may like the design or style and are just looking for a simple fix. Paint to the rescue! Repainting your banisters is a great way to update your staircase to better match the rest of your décor and color scheme. This inexpensive option can also get rid of any signs of wear from prolonged use.

An oak staircase is a classic example of an outdated style, as the brown color instantly exposes the age of the stairs. In their guide on how to paint with a brush and roller, The DIY Nuts strongly recommends adequately preparing your stair railing before using paint intended for moldings or cabinets. Staining alongside or instead of painting is also an option. Staining your banisters is a better choice if you need a longer-lasting cover that will withstand any scuffs, via Sharper Impressions Painting.

An excellent way to give new life to outdated banisters is to update the handrail. This is helpful when you're happy with your spindles but the bar is of a different material or style that you'd like to change. Decide if you want the new handrail to make a statement or if you prefer it to blend in. If all that's needed is paint and you want to make a bold move, choose a different color that will allow the handrail to stand out. If you need a new one and prefer subtlety, timber is a modest option that will pair well with chrome balusters or glass panels, advises Cheshire Mouldings.

Some other common materials for handrails are steel, iron, and aluminum. Glass may also be used, although it isn't expected. When choosing a new material, you'll need to consider factors such as heaviness, durability, and how much maintenance is required over time (via Lapeyre Stair Blog). Wood is loved for its look and feel, while metal is more dependable regarding strength. If you expect a lot of use on your handrail, stainless steel is a great option.

Various accessories and DIY projects can give new life to your outdated banisters. One fun project is to create something interesting under the staircase. If you're generally satisfied with your stairs but still feel like something is missing, you can build some shelves directly under the banisters. This can be a place to display framed photos or other art pieces, and it can also be a clever way to add storage space to your home. Combined with a simple railing system, this is bound to create visual interest.

LED light strips are great accessories to add to your handrail. By highlighting the bar this way, these lights add character to it while making it easier to use the staircase, via Cantalupi Light Engineering. Prefer a more traditional style? A newel post installed at the bottom of a staircase is a statement accessory that can make your home feel elegant.

From brackets to carved patterns on the spindles, adding texture is a great way to give new life to your outdated banisters. Texture is an interior design element used to create a feeling, and it also adds a dimension to your home décor that makes it feel complex yet complete. According to Amara Living, texture is included well when in an unexpected place, so your staircase is a great place to start. Go beyond the classic vertical spindles and get stylish ones that make your house feel like a Victorian home.

5 Ways To Give New Life To Your Outdated Banisters

Ss Stud Bolts It's also great when the texture isn't overdone, says Amara Living. Balance out your otherwise simple, modern theme with intricate designs on your banisters that show some character and tell a story. The texture can also come from accessories like handrail brackets. These functional pieces that fasten your handrail to the wall can also be decorative. Brackets come in warm and cool finishes to suit all handrail materials, from brass to steel. They can also look as modern or vintage as you'd like, so add texture to your banisters by adding some brackets.